120 G 100% PURE CACAO


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In this box of 120 gram 100% pure cacao, you will find 12 pieces (squares) of 10 gram.

For a ceremonial dose of cacao, you can use 3 or even 4 pieces (30 till 40 gram), for just a regular cup of cacao, you can use 2 pieces (20 gram).

This 120 gram cacao package is ideal for 3 to 6 times a cup of cacao or just to use it as a snack!


For more on why using 100% cacao, where this cacao is from, how to make it and the nutritional value info scroll down.

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Why using 100% pure cacao?
100% pure raw cacao contains a high amount of magnesium, anti-oxidants and other minerals. You cannot compare this with regular chocolate from the supermarket, since this cacao is heated above 100 degrees Celsius. In that way it looses almost all the good nutrients.

The amount of magnesium, anti-oxidants and other minerals in our cacao will relax your muscles and connective tissues. It also opens and soften your heart (charka). So you can connect with your heart, feel, soften and just be.

Where is this cacao from?
Our cacao is made at a local Balinese farm where 28 Balinese families are harvesting the cacao with the highest intentions and love.
By buying our Cacamo Cacao you are also supporting them financially. The island Bali is know for her magical soft and feminine energy which you can definitely also taste in the cacao. It will soften your system and open your heart.

How to make it?
– Boil the water or (vegan) milk in a pot and take it from the heat to cool down to 60 – 70 degrees Celsius.
– Cut the cacao paste into small pieces and add it to the hot water/milk.
– Stir it constantly until it is smooth and creamy without any pieces or chunks of cacao
– Add the spices (cinnamon and cayenne pepper or other spices you like) and (if you need) sweetener and stir it again

And you are ready to go!

Store in a cool and dry place away from direct heat and sunlight.


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