You can register for online and LIVE classes via the class schedule below by clicking on ‘books’. Rates are described in the lesson and can be paid at the time of booking the lesson by e.g. iDeal, PayPal or Visa.

You can also download the Momo Yoga app on your phone to book your classes. You can always easily book your lessons via the app. Classes are offered online via ZOOM.

You can purchase your lesson card or individual lesson when booking your lesson or via your account in Momo Yoga by going to ‘account’ –> ‘purchase product’. You can then book your lessons after purchase.

Prices weekly classes

Monthly subscribtions:
1x per week €39,00 (5 classes per month)
Unlimited €59,00 (onbeperkt)

Stripe cards
1 class €15,00 (1 month valid)
3 classes €35,00 (1 month valid)
5 classes €60,00 (2 month valid)
8 classes €100,00 (3 month valid)

Do you have questions about the lessons or which yoga method suits you best? Please contact us at info@mindeventsfactory.com.

Book your class through our online booking system Momo Yoga. You can also download the app from the Appstore or Google Play.

For questions about classes please contact info@mindeventsfactory.com