The Breath & yin classes are classes in which we let go of deeply rooted emotions by means of breathing techniques. This makes it easier to let go of complaints such as fears, hyperventilation, panic attacks and chronic pain.

In these classes you will discover methods from pranayama, natural breathing, soft yin stretches to open up your body.

Breathwork helps to ground deeper in the body and calm the nervous system. Breathwork can also be traced back to the age-old pranayama.

Prana means life energy. Ayama means to prolong or control. By getting started with breathing exercises you will learn how to return to your natural breathing rhythm. The rhythm that counts.

By combining this with soft yin stretches, we create space in the connective tissue, joints and muscles. A wonderful lesson to deeply relax, release emotions and heal the body from within with the breath.

Join online Via ZOOM on Thursday Evenings or Friday Mornings. Subscribing is possible via the schedule.