Mind Events Factory is a platform where we create space for events with the focus on personal development, travel, and business development. We organize events and retreats in cooperation with several parties and individuals from the perspective that shared development yields more, plus there is much more fun when you work together. 


We are connected to a great network of entrepreneurs in Europe. We are happy to grow this network with fresh and innovative entrepreneurs from all around the world.


Helping people, getting richer of thoughts and connect. You will find information about courses, events, retreats, people, personal development, growth, health, healing, and travel.


We write for brands, coaches, event organizations and we know how to promote your events online and offline. We love to collaborate with people from all around the world!


Smart minds work together!


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About the founder



Joyce Mol

Event / Retreat Development expert

Content creation with the mind on a free level and no rules about the subject. My dream landed on a platform about events with this discipline of personal growth, gypsies, and co-creation. My mind factory creates stories and a place where we can bring all these inspiring beautiful people together.

Creating my own business means creating a space where I build a network of people from the same energy with the same interests and much more knowledge we can share to make this world a bit more beautiful.


There is no good or bad. It’s all about the right energy source and mindset.


I have a background in Hospitality, Executive Management and great knowledge of creating virtual systems in start-ups. Mind Events Factory is only focused on start-ups because we believe that we need to lift up together in the beginning and from there on all those inspiring entrepreneurs can move on on their own energy.


Leave your thoughts via this form if you have any questions about creating your event or setting up a team and system for your start-up. This can go about anything. Financial services, tax advice, office support or how to set-up your event management in a virtual system. 

Your personal details will only be used for services you asked for. We do not collect them for other purposes.